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About me


Ana Bernal

I guess I have always been a foodie at heart. In true Mexican style, our kitchen has always been a place where the family gathers. My mom says that when I was a little girl I would check out the “Cooking for Kids” books at the Chula Vista Public Library. I started taking cooking classes when I was 14 and never stopped. Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve sought out to learn more and develop my passion for cooking through reading, classes and workshops. I cook everyday at home and truly enjoy my time in the kitchen. I play music and relax, and I find it’s where I thrive creatively. For me it’s all about being practical and using the freshest, most vibrant seasonal ingredients I can find. I love to cook healthy food everyday but find that indulging every once in a while, with family and friends is just as important as having healthy eating habits. Since they were very young, I’ve had my three girls in the kitchen helping me and now they love to hang out and experiment making all kinds of cooking challenges (and messes). I love to see the fun and confidence cooking brings to them and their friends. 

I started teaching cooking eight years ago and love to see how cooking has evolved for my students. When we started, some of them were avid cooks and others only dabbled in cooking, but we have all grown from the experience of cooking together. It has also motivated me to keep learning about new flavors and techniques, as the culinary world is ever-changing. 

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