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Green Grain Salad with Jalapeño Vinaigrette

This grain salad is super versatile. You can use any grain you have, and it can be served warm or at room temperature. I love the earthiness of the herbs and the crunch from the pepitas and pistachios. It is a great accompaniment to chicken or fish. The jalapeño vinaigrette can me made less spicy by removing the ribs and seeds of the chile before blending. Getting your greens in has never been so easy.


· 2 cups grain of choice (wheatberries, quinoa, couscous, farro)

· ½ cup chopped each pistachios and pepitas

· ½ cup each chopped cilantro, basil and parsley

· 1 cup arugula

· 3 chopped scallions


· ¼ cup apple cider vinegar

· 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

· 1 chopped jalapeño

· 1 garlic clove

. 1 teaspoon honey or hot honey

· Salt and pepper to taste

1. Prepare grain of choice to package instructions. Set aside to cool.

2. Prepare vinaigrette by blending all ingredients.

3. In a large bowl, add cooled grains, seeds, pistachios, scallions, chopped herbs and arugula.

4. Pour vinaigrette over grains and mix well. Garnish with additional herbs if desired.


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